Consumer’s Guide to the Meat Case

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CONSUMER’S GUIDE TO THE MEAT CASE What to have for dinner? Which cut of meat would be best? More than 150 different cuts of beef, pork and lamb are sold in grocery store meat cases. But these bountiful selections can translate into confusion for some consumers. Regional and local differences in the names used for […]

Common Ingredients in Processed Meat Products

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COMMON INGREDIENTS IN PROCESSED MEAT PRODUCTS Processed and cured meats are among America’s most popular meat and poultry products. From hot dogs, to smoked turkey, pastrami, hams and salamis, processed and cured meats offer excellent nutrition and unique taste. But sometimes the ingredients can be confusing to those unfamiliar with how these products are made. […]

Country of Origin Labeling on Meat Products

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Country of Origin Labeling on Meat Products Consumers soon will see new information in their grocery store meat departments: country-of-origin labeling for fresh meat products. The meat products are the same wholesome and delicious products consumers have enjoyed for years. They simply have more information. The U.S. Congress determined that country-of-origin information should be provided […]

Stretch Your Meat Dollar

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Stretch Your Meat Dollar Consumers on tight budgets are seeking ways to cope with rising food prices caused from the diversion of animal feed to fuel. Informed consumers can make wise choices to help off-set rising food prices. There are many values in the meat case and the experts at the American Meat Institute in […]

Understanding Product Dating

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UNDERSTANDING PRODUCT DATING Buying and preparing fresh, wholesome meat is important to consumers. Traditionally, consumers have used their eyes, nose and touch to evaluate the appearance of fresh meat and to check for signs of spoilage. Today, the practice of dating meat products is more common than ever, but the different types of dates can […]

Meat and Poultry Nutrition

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Go Lean With Protein! If you are striving to reduce fat, but love meat and poultry, these tips may help you. Start Lean: ✔  The leanest beef cuts include round steaks and roasts (round eye, top round, bott om round, round tip), top loin, top sirloin and chuck shoulder and arm roasts. ✔  The leanest pork choices […]

Animal Welfare in the Meat Industry

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Animal Welfare in the Meat Industry Humane treatment of livestock is good for animals—and good for business. Not only is optimal animal care and handling ethically correct, such handling also results in higher quality meat. The U.S. meat industry has been a leader in the field of humane livestock treatment. The continuous presence of federal USDA inspectors in meat packing plants further ensures […]

Case Ready Meat Products

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Excluding oxygen during the early phase of packaging and storage helps maintain freshness longer. Use-by and sell-by dates are placed on packages at the retail store based upon information printed on the shipping container. Labeling and Inspection All meat packaged “case ready” is regulated and inspected by USDA at the plant where it is produced. […]

Enhanced Meats

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Consumer’s guide to enhanced meats Many fresh meat and poultry products are much leaner today than 30 years ago thanks to changes in the way animals are produced. But fat contributes flavor and moisture to products. Enhancing meat products with certain solutions can replace the flavor and moisture loss that results from raising leaner animals […]